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En collaborant, nous grandissons tous


Safari Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding platform aimed to cover the financing needs of Start- Ups, SMEs and micro SMEs, unifying two concepts: Collective or Crowdfunding Financing with Collective Supply (Services / Resources) or Crowdsourcing.

We focus on business ideas in the Start up phase; Micro SMEs or SMEs to develop new projects that generate economic, technological, scientific, and employment growth.

In Safari Crowdfunding, we believe that post-funding phases are vital to the success of projects, and we want to ensure or at least facilitate for the Investor, the necessary visibility in these post-funding phases.

To do this, Safari Crowdfunding publishes for each project a post-funding Execution plan, to make it easier for the investor to monitoring and evaluate the investment during the implementation phase of the project and funds.

Methods of Financing


Finance your idea with your potential customers.

There are different ways to reward your investors or backers. One form is the product or service reward, meaning, if the purpose of the funding is to create a new product, the reward may be the product itself, or the product itself at a discount.

The nature of the project will define the selection of the reward. If your project is scientific in nature, invite your potential investors to visit the facilities, for example.

Watch this video for more information.


This is a form of monetary contribution where nothing is expected in return, neither product nor service, or interest in the company. This type of donation does not offer any income tax deduction except for those projects that meet specific standards.

What is Safari Crowdsourcing?

At Safari we understand crowdsourcing as part of Crowdfunding collective financing. It consists of detailing the items of the Business Plan for the project that, traditionally are made by an employee or contractor, for a group of investors who participate in Crowdfunding, with the aim of:

    Improving estimates of projected expenditure or investment,
  • Encouraging the development of professional relationships, and

  • Offering the professional investor a way to promote his/her own services/products.

When the designer develops the viability plan, he/she decides which items shall be subject to Crowdsourcing. The designer will then also indicate the estimated € for each of the items, including the assumptions made to created the estimate for these items. Investors interested in contributions of time, will have to register as users of the platform, and after signing confidentiality agreements, may invest time / money on those items open for it in the viability of the project plan.

Only registered users can participate in Safari Crowdsourcing.