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Questions fréquentes

Your bank or paypal account will be charged only when 100% of funding is achieved in the set time.  If the funding objective is not achieved, there will not be any charges in you account.

Yes, we will request you a contact email and your name before redirecting you to the payment gateway, so the project designer can send you communications about the project and/or rewards.

Also, by registering as a User, you will have access to the project documentation available, like business plan, viability plan, only accessible to registered users.

You can unsubscribe your User by sending us an email to [email protected].

As a registered user, you can contact the Project designer through the Comments tab in the Project file.

If you are not registered, you can send an email to the Project designer through his profile:  Click on See full Profile, and in the tab Contact you can send a message to the project designer.

Yes. In order to submit a project through Safari platform, you need to be registered as a User of the platform. The registration process is easy and fast as we only ask you for a minimum required data as email, name and surname, the rest of the fields are optional. Bear in mind though, that is much better to describe about yourself and your interests as much as possible, since during the project crowdfunding campaign, your profile will be public for your backers.

First thing, you need to register in the platform as a user. Once registered, you can initiate the submission of the project through the user menu, clicking on “Create a Project”.

Fill in the required fields:

1. Project General Data:

  • Title: Very brief description or the title of your project.
  • Project Category: Choose from the given list. If you do not find the right category for you, choose the one that best suits your project; we can add new categories later on and before publishing the project.
  • Crowdfunding Types: there exist three possibilities of financing your project with Safari: Donation, Rewards or Equity.
    • Donation, your backers support the project without expecting any compensation from their contribution except is carried out.
    • Rewards, when you offer a reward, either a good or a service, in return for a contribution of a backer or investor.
    • Equity, give a % of your company Equity in return for investors contribution.
  • Closed Funding: the funding round lasts 60 days, and you have to get 100% of the funding target set.
  • Flexible Funding: or funding by milestones. Flexible funding serves scalable projects. The project varies with the degree of funding obtained compared to closed funding in which the project is initiated only if 100% of target funding is achieved.

Closed Funding is set up as default, if you need further information about Flexible funding, please refer to Designers Guide, or contact us at [email protected]

Indicate if your project relates to a business project or an individual project, you can add the link to your website or blog.  Then, set your funding needs in €, and go to next step, where you will need to input a description of your project, status of it, or any other information that will help us to validate it.

Finally, agree with the Terms and Conditions and press “Send Project to Safari Crowdfunding”

Once we received your proposal, we will review it and contact you to get more information, if needed, ask you for available documentation, etc, in order to validate your project.

Once the project has been validated, we will provide you the access to the loading project platform.

The funding phase lasts 60 days.

Once the funding stage is completed, your project will be public as Case Study, as long as you agree with it.

At Safari we believe that post-funding phase is very important to your backers, but also for your project. What we want is to keep your backers up to date about the project progress, once you managed to get the funding, without generating a lot of extra work.

The important thing is open communication. If you have delays, communicate and explain the actions to fulfill the milestone.

Finally, a good project execution or implementation, will allow you easier access to future funding rounds, at Safari Crowdfunding or even to make the leap to a Business Angel, if this is your plan.


Grant; Reward; Equity

First Acceptance occurs when you create your Safari user. This step is required to submit your project proposal. Legal documents accepted are:

  • The Terms of Use (add link to the Terms of Use)
  • The Confidentiality Agreement (add link to the Confidentiality Agreement)
  • Privacy Policy (add link to privacy policy)

Once you have been accepted, you will receive an email at the email address you have provided in your user profile, with a link to the three policies mentioned above.


When you upload your project to Safari, if you choose the Equity mode, you will be asked a series of questions in the Financing tab (in the Field: Explanatory text for Safari Crowdfunding legal team), so that Safari lawyers can review and start preparing the Equity contract that rules conditions of the sale of shares. Here are the questions that the system will ask so that we may prepare the necessary documentation:

  • Is the company legally constituted?
  • What type of company is it?: Public limited company, limited partnership, others.
  • What is the % of Total Equity % of the company that will be used to reward the investors?
  • What is the % of Equity that will be obtained for each input? (example: 1.000 Euros per 1%).
  • What is the type of relationship the project designer wants to be the relationship between him/her and the Investor after the crowdfunding? (The same rights as other shareholders, limited rights, additional to Planner or Investor protection…).

Don´t worry if you can't answer all the questions and provide all the neccessary information now, our lawyers will contact you if they need to clarify any issues.

Once the contract has been defined, it will be included as a part of the project documentation. This ensures that potential investors will have a copy of the document to be signed, once funding has been successfully achieved. In the General Information tab, you can attach the pdf contract in the boxes of "Extended Document" and make it public, by clicking on "Public Document".

First Acceptance occurs when you create your Safari user.

Legal documents accepted are:

  • The Terms of Use
  • The Confidentiality Agreement
  • Privacy Policy

Once you have been accepted, you will receive an email at the email address you have provided in your user profile, with a link to the three policies mentioned above.

Only registered users will have access to sensitive project documentation, such as the business plan, the feasibility plan if it is not contained in the business plan, and Equity contracts for projects that offer a % of Equity Share Capital or in exchange for funding.


For investments in equity of the company submitting the project, all investors registered as users in Safari may access the framework contract defined by the Designer and Safari partner’s lawyers that will govern the operation of Equity.

You can contact the designer during the phase of funding to resolve any questions about the contract or project documentation available for decision making.

When and if the project gets 100% of funding successfully during the stipulated time, the contract between the designer and investors will be signed, and the payments made during the financing phase will be executed.

If funding is not successful, payments made during the funding phase will not be executed.

Send us an email at [email protected], we will unsubscribe your user, and let you know via email with the confirmation of the user cancellation at Safari Crowdfunding platform.

How Safari Crowdfunding works

Safari Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding platform aimed to cover the funding needs of scientific research projects, technological projects and innovative projects in any area in general.

We believe in Crowdfunding as an alternative to traditional financing, but also as a process to validate your assumptions in your business model, product or service for start-ups, micro SMEs and SME in their initial project stage.

If you have a good idea, Crowdfunding not only provides with the funding to start and develop the idea itself, but also provides the market perspective: does my idea have a market or potential clients who wants to buy my product or service? If you succeed in your Crowdfunding campaign, the answer is probably YES.

In order to submit a project through Safari platform, you need to be registered as a User of the platform. The registration process is easy and fast as we only ask you for a minimum required data as email, name and surname, the rest of the fields are optional. Once the registration process is confirmed, you can present your project to Safari team.

You can initiate the submission of the project through the user menu, clicking on “Create a Project”. Fill in the required data, which will help Safari to understand and visualize your project. You can find all the information and requirements in the Designer´s guide.

Once your project has been reviewed and selected by Safari for publishing, you will received a confirmation via email, and you will be able to access the project´s loading tool.

Describe your project; add videos and/or any audiovisual help that will facilitate the messages and sale of the project. Describe very clearly what is the funding for, and linked to the Execution plan which will describe the execution phase of the project if the funding is reached successfully.

Finally, explain the rewards you offer for the help received from your potential backers, investors or donors. Remember, attractively reward is key to getting funding.

In Safari we can help in the creation of the project, and the implementation thereof with our advisory and consulting services, see the section on Fees for more information about our support and consulting services.

Once you have finished loading the project and met the requirements of publication, Safari will publish your project, this means that over the next 60 days, the project will be visible on the network, and open to receive funds.

Internet have millions of users every day (it is expected by 2020 more than 5,000 million Internet users, 10,000 billion devices connected to the network, and a middle class families will have ten electronic devices connected to the network), many of them will be interested in such innovative ideas as yours, share it in a professional and simple way and do not forget you have a great project.

“Less is more”: Opt for a presence on that Social network or profile that you can really show the potential of your project. It is important to break the paradigm of being everywhere at any price. Let´s build little but with high quality. The Internet community is very demanding.

Finally, if you get the funding target in the stipulated time of 60 days, you will receive the funds less Safari and payment gateways commissions. And continue your relationship with your investors, donors and backers through the published milestones or execution plan.

Safari will put at your disposal the channel to keep open communication and to inform your backers on the project progress; the important thing is to communicate both successes milestones in your plan, as well as the delays that may arise during the implementation phase. If a milestone is not met on the estimated date, report it: explain the problem, the proposed solution and a new estimated date to your backers. Will generate trust, and quite possibly, your own investors will provide potential solutions.

Project Designer Guidelines

Safari Crowdfunding is a platform where you can publish your project in order to get the funding you need to turn your project into a viable business. There are some requirements for posting your project in Safari Crowdfunding, and you will find them in this guide.

You can also contact us at [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you in any question or doubt you may have.


Your project must have a measurable objective, some examples:

If you have a Startup, your objective is measurable, with a clear beginning and end, something is produced as a result: a new product or service, a movie, a game, etc.

If you are a micro SMEs seeking to internationalize the existing product or service, your measurable goal is to sell your product outside your country.


The team is a key element in the success of the project, both for funding and for the execution and implementation of the project.

Introduce the project team and promoters in a video.  It is important, for your potential backers, to know who is behind the iniciative since it is not possible to meet them personally.  The video helps to bring the human component of the iniciative close to the crowd, who will potentially support the project.


Present your proposed business model on a single page using the CANVAS format, it will be visible for all backers and investors.

We recommend to include a Canvas model for Equity and Rewards financing types.

In Appendix 1, we provide an example model for building your Canvas that you can download directly from Safari Crowdfunding blog.

You can also check the Recommended Bibliographies section, where you will find the essential readings in the new business development methodologies.


Make a Video: We understand that making a video can be challenging, but it is by far the best way to present your project, product, team and their motivations behind the project.

It is up to you how much effort you want to put on the video, it does not have to be perfect, the most important thing is to show your enthusiasm, feelings and motivations towards your project.

Also, this video should show the product or service idea behind the funding needs, specially on those projects based on Rewards:  show the prototype and its functionalities.

Be aware if you put copyright music in your video. Never without the permission of the authors. In Internet there is infinite resources for downloading legal audio. Try the following links:;


Once the CANVAS is done, developing the business plan is a fairly easy task. The business plan is a must when financing via Equity. Moreover, some parts of your business plan will be used for publishing your project:

  • Project Description

  • The Team

  • Viability plan or the € amount to fund.

  • The Minimum Viable Product.

  • Execution plan post funding.

We can provide you a guide to help you out in the development of your Business model, what contents should have, structure of it, etc. to facilitate your work. You can contact us through the contact form or sending an email to [email protected]

What is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

Traditionally, the launching of a product was done once the product was finish 100%, with all features developed. This traditional model requires a high capital investment for the development of the final product, and little maneuverability for future changes, which also require more investment.

The minimum viable product is your product/service in its simplest version. From that point, change, add and validate among your first customer, the evolution of your MVP to a Final product in a agile and fast way.

The investment required in much less, and addittionally, you can validate your assumptions about your product/service with your potentials customers, meaning, validate your product has a market and clients who want to acquire it

You can also check the Recommended Bibliographies section, where you will find the essential readings in the new business development methodologies.


In Safari we believe that a fundamental part of the success of the funding is to provide potential investors with an implementation plan. This plan must contain the main steps or actions to be executed once the funding has been achieved, in order to implement the project.

Compliance with this plan will generate happy investors, and I will greatly facilitate future rounds of funding and future business and professional relationships.

And think one thing: breaches can occur, there are many external factors that involve unexpected challenges for the implementation of a project. The important thing is communication and transparency. If a milestone is not met on the estimated date, report it: explain the problem, the proposed solution and a new estimated date to your investors. Will generate trust, and quite possibly, a different perspective in potential solutions that may arise from your own backers or investors.

Execution plans are explicit, including details on specific actions to be taken at specific times by specific individuals actions. Thus, anyone reading the plan understand and construe the steps.

You can download an example of a standard implementation plan in Safari Crowdfunding blog.


There are some Legal agreements to be accepted before publishing a project with Safari. These agreements define the relationship between Safari, investors and designers: the achieved funding will go to the execution of the business plan, as explained and detailed in the project you have submitted.


It is essential that before the funding is executed, the project must have an CIF or Spanish Tax identification number, either as a SME or freelance/self-employed.


Your Business model and your vision of the project will determine your needs: monetary contribution or contribution in kind, what we call Crowdsourcing.


There are different ways to reward your investors or backers. One form is the product or service reward, meaning , if the purpose of the funding is to create a new product, the reward may be the product itself, or the product itself at a discount.

The nature of the project will define the selection of reward. If your project is funding a scientific project, invite your potential investors to visit the facilities, for example.

Besides the interest that the project can generate by itself, an attractive reward can be key to attracting a large number of backers.

If you go for offering a % of the Equity of your company, the important thing is your business model, the feasibility and potential of the same.

Consider when defining your funding needs, the cost and taxation of the rewards, as well as Safari and payment gateways fees.



Preparing a Crowdfunding campaign requires time and dedication, not only in the preparation of the project and building your community, but also during the Funding phase.

According to the lastest research done by Lanzanos about why the crowd invest in projects via Crowdfunding, is because mainly they obtain something in return.  A Reward.

In addition, crowdfunding make the supporter feel good:

  • It helps create what she/he likes.
  • Support directly to project creators. Without intermediaries.
  • It helps to create innovative things.
  • Supporting entrepreneurial spirit

The funding provided by the backer for each project depends on the appropriateness of the project:

  1. The project is interesting.
  2. The Rewards provided in exchange for the support:  the pre-purchase of a good or service, where the project designers strives to create something valuable, and delivery it under agreed conditions, receives the highest amounts vs. the symbolic rewards, that generate contributions of lesser amount.

Finally, the projects that attract more attention of the backers must have the following qualities in order of importance:

  1. The project has to propose something of High Quality
  2. It has to be Feasible, not fanciful or unreal.
  3. It has to be clear with the money, it has to be understood without difficulty, the aim for that amount.
  4. It has to be told attractively.
  5. If also proposes something innovative, clearly improve their options for success.

In addition, there are other secondary qualities to consider:

  • Generates wealth/employment
  • Initiatives in the field of property and social rights
  • The fair streak that addresses the neediest groups

Of course there are also factors that scares backers:

  • When communication is unappealing.
  • Too idealism.
  • It is believed that too much money is requested, meaning not clear with the money factor.
  • Imbalance in the exchange: too much money for a reward of their interest.
  • It is thought that designers are not prepared to do what they say they will do.

Transmitting one or more of these feelings is not to hinder the attraction of funds, is ensuring the loss of support.

The presentation and qualities of the team or designer, increase the interest in funding, there are qualities that make an exciting project:

  • Honesty, Creativity and Excitement.

And other qualities that help dissolve the areas of risk or doubt that Crowdfunding may generate:

  • Sense, Rigor and Intelligence.


Much of the preparation of the Crowdfunding campaign is to align your target audience, and befriend the media, specialized bloggers in your niche, and your community online.  Doing this is the best way to get them to talk about your crowdfunding campaign and get lots of visitors when you have your campaign up and running.

This will take some time, but it is definitely a factor in the success or failure of the crowdfunding campaign.

There are several steps to follow, before and during the funding phase of your crowdfunding campaign:

Before Funding Phase

  1. Create and/or activate your online community.  Each social network has its own target audience, think about the target audience of your crowdfunding campaign and start building your own community on those social networks where your target audience is. 
  2. Prepare a Media database, both generic and specialized in the subject of your project, to reach them once your project is up and published through Press Releases and other communications.
  3. Prepare a list of bloggers or influencers in your niche.  The goal is the same as with the Media, share your project and ask them to support it, if they like it, by sharing it with their followers, getting some mentions, etc.
  4. Prepare the contents that you will use to disseminate our campaign as press releases, videos, blog posts, etc.  Any material that later on you will share when your project is finally published, with media, followers and influencers.

To sum up, as much community and followers you create before your crowdfunding campaign is published, more likely to achieve 100% funding success.


First thing is to present your project, describing the main idea and specifiying how far you are with it. You can do that by entering the Safari Crowdfunding website and register yourself as an user. Then, once we have received your proposal, we will analyze your idea, viability of the same, accepting or not the project.

If your project is not accepted, we will give you back all the documentation provided, with an explanation and/or recommendation for making your idea a feasible project.

If your project gets accepted, we will provide you guides and materials to help you out with the documentation, if you needed it. We also provide a advising services (check out the Fees section), and we will work for you, building your business case materials.

Finally, we will give you access to the project uploading platform for publication purposes.


In Safari we understand that monetary contributions can be replaced in some cases for contributions in kind, for those items in the financial model that permit it. Analyze what items in your financial model could fit crowdsourcing, for example, lawyer´s expenses for your new ecommerce site.


Legal Expenses ……………………………………. €2.000
Assumptions included Creation of Privacy policies
Creation of Terms and Conditions
Proposal received Abogados XXX, S.L..

When you are building your financial model, do not forget to include the assumptions given for each item. This information is needed if you want to participate of Safari Crowdsourcing model as a funding type. This information is key for the potential investor or backer, so he/she can carry out its proposal under the same terms, and provide the expected result.

How to reward the contributions made via Crowdsourcing?

Easy: the financial model has the monetary estimations, in this same example, the reward must cope with the €2.000 contributed, in product/service rewards for example.


Once all the documentation and requirements are ready and agreed, your project gets published in the platform.

Safari will generate visibility for your project among all their networking. You should do the same with your own networking.


According to some researchs published by Spanish Crowdfunding Association, everything seems to indicate that family and friends act as "chips" when it comes to light the fire.

It's time to start spreading among the community created during the preparation phase.  Publish the prepared contents, and do not forget to always include a link of the project at the Safari Crowdfunding website, facilitating visits and possible contributions to the campaign.

Send the press releases you prepared to the media database you created during the preparation phase.  You can use tools as mail-chimp for emailing purposes.

Consistency is the key in the online world.  If you have a blog, make a post once a week at least, and also use the blog that Safari Crowdfunding provides for each project during the funding phase.

Manage your social networks and community by publishing information about your project consistently and continously.


1. 100% FUNDING

This financing is intended for Startups, SMEs and micro SMEs. The funding round lasts 60 days, and 2 things may happen after the funding round:

  1. 100% of the Funding objective is not reached. Then, Safari will give you back all the documentation and the project will not longer be public in the platform.
  2. 100% of the Funding objective is reached . Then:
    1. Redefined the Implementation plan if needed it
    2. Sign up agreements with your Investors, in case of Equity funding.
    3. Get the amount achieved in the funding round, less Safari Fee and payment gateways fee.


Flexible funding serves scalable projects. The project varies with the degree of funding obtained, against classical financing in which the project is initiated only if 100% of the funding is achieved.

Operation is simple, offer your project indicating the minimum amount to start the project and the use of funds for this minimal marking. After achieving the minimum set, the funding round remains open until the term expires in 60 days. The important thing is for you to explain in your project, fate and execution of funds raised above the minimum set on the platform.


At this stage, your implementation plan will be your work and communication tool with and to your investors, through the Safari platform.

We do not want you to waste precious time that should be used in the implementation of the project, but to provide the methodology so you can easily and quickly communicate progress to your investors/backers.

The important thing is communication and transparency. If a milestone is not met on the estimated date, report it: explain the problem, the proposed solution and a new estimated date to your backers/investors. You will generate the confidence and very possibly, you will get different and helpful perspectives coming from your own backers and investors.



Eric Ries


El Método Lean Startup: Cómo crear empresas de éxito utilizando la innovación continua. Deusto, Grupo Planeta.


Alexander Osterwalder


Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers. Wiley.




Backer/Investor Guide

Safari Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs, micro SMEs or SMEs in early or growth stage in Spain.

Safari selects innovative projects and publishes them to the investor´s community and / or donors, with all the available information for the decision-making.

Furthermore, in Safari we believe that execution after reaching the funding successfully is a critical phase for the project success, which is why the execution plan is a prerequisite for Safari publishing projects and monitoring of it after reaching the funding.

In Safari you will support innovative entrepreneurs projects, micro SMEs and Spanish SMEs, by participating in its Equity or simply by economically supporting the creation of an attractive and innovative product or service in exchange of a reward, typically from the product or service that it´s being backed up. You decide how and how much.

Investing in startups or in early growth stage businesses can certainly generate great rewards, but also carries a high number of risks. Our recommendation is that you invest the amount of € you're willing to lose and that you diversify your investment portfolio in different projects.

Talent Funding or Crowdsourcing

In Safari we believe that investment, besides cash, can be performed with Talent. Empowering the cooperation and the promotion of professional services between entrepreneurs micro SMEs and SMEs for economic growth and facilitate the success of startups.

How it works

If you want to support a project with a micro donation, simply indicate the amount of your Contribution, choose your reward and the payment method that Safari offers. You will only be charged in your account, once the project has achieved the 100% funding successfully. If the project does not reach its funding target in the set time, no charges will be performed in your account.

As an investor, you must register on the platform and sign the confidentiality agreements of the project you want to support. Once you have completed the easy registration, you can now access to the business plan information, the financial model and the rest of available documentation of the project, in order to make a decision on whether invest, how and how much to invest.

Registration is free and meets the requirements of Data Protection Act, at any time you can unsubscribe, by following the steps in Privacy Policy .

Once the project successfully achieved the required funding, Safari will execute the charges to the different investors. The Project will then receive the money collected minus the Safari fee and gateways payment fees.

Investing in Equity

For those projects making available a % of their Equity to the registered investors in Safari, and once achieved the funding objective, Safari partners lawyers, will managed the adequacy of the project´s promises, agreed between both parties in the Agreements as well as the different actions for Capital increase and transmission, as described in Rates section.

Post-Financing Phase

Project leaders or designers commit with Safari and their investors to the publication, monitoring and reporting of marked milestones in the execution plan published until the end of it, through the tools that Safari Crowdfunding make available for this.

As an investor you will assess the project´s execution plan and the degree of satisfaction with the overall project. This will help to reinforce the project´s commitments, since a good Assessment will facilitate the project designers to future rounds of funding as well as establishing a professional confidence network.

We are at your disposal for any clarification or questions you may have; contact us through this application form or by sending an email to [email protected].


“Safari Crowdfunding fait la sélection des projets en se basant sur leur viabilité et leur potentiel, ainsi que sur la personne et/ou équipe de personnes impliquées dans leur exécution. Le fait d’investir dans des Startups ou des affaires en phase de développement peut générer sans aucun doute de grandes récompenses, mais cela comporte aussi un grand nombre de risques.

Les principaux risques associés à des investissements dans de nouvelles entreprises ou des entreprises en phase de développement sont les suivants:

La perte de l’investissement, soit de façon partielle ou en sa totalité, étant donné que selon les statistiques la majorité des Startups échouent. Nous te recommandons d’investir un montant que tu es disposé à perdre, et de diversifier le risque en constituant un portefeuille d’investissements qui t’aide à répartir le risque.

Peu ou pas de dividendes; habituellement les bénéfices sont réinvestis pour faire grandir l’affaire et augmenter sa valeur. Il est peu usuel que les entreprises en phase de développement ou des Startups paient des dividendes à leurs investisseurs durant la première année.

L’investissement dans des Startups ou des affaires en phase de développement devrait être considéré comme un investissement à moyen/long terme.

Dilution de la participation; c’est le résultat de l’émission de nouvelles actions par une entreprise, en diminuant ainsi le pourcentage de la propriété représenté par les actions déjà existantes.

Safari Crowdfunding ne peut pas garantir le succès des projets publiés sur sa plateforme; pour de plus amples renseignements concernant les conditions légales et d’utilisation, fais clic ici.”